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Generally speaking, accounting software is designed for any user. But it’s still important to make sure that the one you choose is under-friendly, intuitive and can be used by anybody in your team.

Historical Nature

Financial accounting considers only those transactions which are of historical nature i.e the transaction which have already taken place. No futuristic transactions find any place in financial accounting, howsoever important they may be from business point of view.

Easily connect with stakeholders

Your company needs an accounting software that makes it easy for you and your finance team to coordinate with customers, banks, and all stakeholders. Documenting and checking accounts, bank statements and balances.

Secure sensitive data

Financial information is sensitive data, and it should never fall into the wrong hands. With this in mind, choose an accounting software that provides complete and solid security features.

Legal Requirement:

Financial accounting is a legal requirement. It is necessary to maintain the financial accounting and prepare financial statements there from. It is also obligatory to get these financial statements audited.

Financial Accounting Process

Financial accounting gets affected due to the different accounting policies followed by the accountants. These accounting policies differ mainly in two areas: Valuation of inventory and Calculation of depreciation.

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